An ambulance of three-wheeler electric vehicle solve issues in rural area- Terra Motors


An ambulance of three-wheeler electric vehicle solve issues in rural area

1 August 2021

A3 wheeler ambulance was spotted at a small village named Alipurduar in West Bengal. Later, it came to light that the EV 3-wheelers had been converted into an ambulance. An NGO residing in West Bengal named “Hridoye Bhagat Singh” took this initiative to create the 3 wheeler ambulance by “Y4A” of Terra Motors.

The area of Alipurduar has narrow roads which makes it difficult for the normal ambulances to travel. So, no regular ambulances can pass through those narrow roads and it is not feasible for it to travel to the main road. However, the durable and safe three wheeler electric vehicle, manufactured by Terra Motors, is a better alternative as it can easily travel on narrow roads and smaller areas as well. Also, the main road is far away from the residency area and a EV 3-wheeler is very helpful to travel those distances.
The vehicle is converted and created in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements just like the regular ambulances. The EV 3-wheelers include all the basic life saving tools. The passenger seats of the vehicle have been converted into a patient compartment. It makes it convenient for the people in medical need to travel without any hassle.

Saving as many lives as possible with EV 3-wheelers

During covid-19, 3 wheeler EV has been very supportive in providing travel assistance to the patients from home to the hospitals. However, it was disheartening to know that covid patients were not allowed to be carried in the regular ambulance. This was because people were scared of the virus and wanted to avoid spreading it and not get the infection. Hence, It was difficult for the families infected by a coronavirus. Thankfully, Hridoye Bhagat Singh, an NGO, saved the day for those families and came up with a brilliant idea of converting a 3 wheeler EV into a 24/7 ambulance.

Terra Motors is proud to collaborate with Hridoye Bhagat Singh

The NGO ”Hridoye Bhagat Singh” has taken a remarkable initiative. Considering the cost of a regular ambulance which is 1,200-1,500 INR per travel, it was too expensive for the local people living in the area. “Many people could not afford the ambulance services due to high prices”, said a representative of the NGO.
The 3 wheeler EV of Terra Motors is economical for the long term because it lasts for at least 5 years with Japanese quality. Moreover, Electric vehicles are also attractive because of their low maintenance costs compared to gasoline. So, it is a sustainable and feasible option for all people. Under the NGO’s project, the transportation services are free for all the people in emergencies including pregnant women, people with disabilities etc. The NGO is planning to buy more 3 wheeler EVs to create more such ambulances. Out of those EVs, they are also planning to create a hearse-like vehicle to carry dead bodies.

EV 3-wheelers Make Life Richer and Safer in Rural Areas

The 3 wheeler vehicle is very convenient for everyone. It can be used for any type of transportation purposes. Many people have witnessed 3 wheeler electric vehicles in weddings. People use it for the groom instead of a Horses. There are multiple uses of Electric vehicles from transporting goods to travelling. Moreover, people are getting aware of the conservation of the environment, hence, the 3 wheeler Electric Vehicle promises a greener future by contributing to the same. Society must come forward and participate in such initiatives and support them in order to have a better future for our environment.

 About Hridoye Bhagat Singh
Hridoye Bhagat Singh is an NGO, unregistered with the government, initiated by the collaboration of different people willing to do social work in society. The NGO has been working for the past 3 years. They started with small projects like blood donation drives and other many such activities. As of now, the NGO has not been funded due to no registration, however, they believe that their active team and support from other organizations together can make a greater impact in society without any restrictions from external factors.

 About Terra Motors
Terra Motors is a Japanese global venture company that aims to be a leading company in sustainable e-mobility, developing, manufacturing, selling, and providing after-sales service for EVs (electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers). Terra Motors’ vision is to create new industries which include creating an ecosystem for e-mobility and make the society better. Terra Group believes that through their initiatives they are contributing to the creation of employment opportunities. Hence, low-income people around the world can get jobs which will improve their lives and help them grow financially strong.


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